Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Full Week

Well, it looks like we will be going ahead with the sinus surgery. Tiffany took Abby down to see Dr. Pachly, the ENT doc, and he took a look at her old and new films and said that we really shouldn't wait any longer. He's a nice doctor but also doesn't want to mess around and keep trying antibiotics anymore. Actually in the films from October her sinus infection wasn't completely gone on the 2nd scan and in last weeks scan the sinuses are completely filled up, mostly on the right side. There is no opening for the stuff to drain out this time, last time there was a small opening, so we can do nasal rinses until we are all blue in the face but in the end nothing is going to get past that blockage. So, surgery is really the only option left.

Now I do have to say that the film he looked at yesterday was from last Monday, Presidents Day. Things probably are a lot better after a week of antibiotics so maybe some of the wash is getting up there but who knows.

I really don't want for her to have to do yet another surgical procedure but I'm also tired of her being sick. Dr. Pachly said that she'll feel stuffed up and uncomfortable in her nose for a few days after the surgery but it will probably just feel about the same as she does now.

So that's one part of the week. The other part is the Chemo pulse. We start that today. She'll get one of her last spinal taps, some Vincristine, and IViG. And then off to the eye doctor to check her out for her 6 month follow up. She'll be on Dexamethosone for the week so Thursday ought to be a bit fun since she won't be able to eat before the surgery.

That's the scoop. I've got to get Abby ready to go to Denver again. I'm going to need to get her a more comfortable car seat with all of this driving!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Abby,
I would like you to come to my house. I would like you to play with Sally and me too. I would like you to feel all better. I want God to make you feel better. I love you. When we get together can we go to McDonalds? Maybe they have it at Disneyland.
xoxo John