Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sinus Surgery Thurs

Hey all,

Abby's on for the sinus thing tomorrow morning at 11am. We'll take her down, check her in, and they do it all. It takes about 45 minutes per side of her nose and they will also be doing her spinal tap, and a bone marrow while she is under too.

She'll start her Dex pill tomorrow too so I hope she feels like swallowing them. We should be able to bring her home tomorrow afternoon but we may have to keep her over at PSL (the hospital) if they need to watch her. We'll see.

I'm off to finish getting ready.

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Anonymous said...

Mark and Tiffany,
I hope you know that we are praying for Abby. I pray that her surgery went well today and that she will be feeling like a million bucks soon. My Abby and I would love to send her a get well package, but have misplaced your address, please email it to me if you would.

If you need to vent I'm only an email or call away and we're right in the middle of this battle as well.

Carrie Reeder