Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Uncomfortable Bed

Well, I'm sitting here in this same uncomfortable bed that I remember so well from the first time we were here. This time I was smart though and I brought a nice cushy sleeping bag for to pad the bar in the bed that gets you right under the ribs, still though it's not the most comfortable thing I've ever slept in. Still I think for the price of this room per night they could have a more comfortable bed, I mean I only pay $100 plus for a really nice B&B during the off season and it comes with breakfast too! Oh well, I guess we're paying for them to wake us up all night long instead, they're doing a good job in that area. :)

Abby's doing ok. Here fever stayed down in the 99-100.5 range today with and without the help of Tylenol. Tonight when they checked it it had bounced up to 102.6 again so they gave her some Tylenol to bring it down. It seems like when her fever is high, her cough get worse too. They put her on droplet precaution and now anyone that enters has to wear a mask... except me because I'm impervious to everything but kryptonite... actually, I think sardines is my kryptonite but I digress.

So, back to Abby. Right now her stuffed poodle is visiting with the red light on her toe (the pulse/ox). So, either she is delusional or just feeling better. Oh no, I think the poodle is using the Kleenex box as a potty. Maybe I'm delusional! ...I think she's feeling better, yep, 99 degrees now.

Anyway, I'm off to bed myself now. Hope you don't mind a late posted blog because I'll have to post this in the morning.

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