Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day +1 Done

We're exhausted and it's only day 1.  Actually they call it Day +1, transplant day being day zero... only 99 more to go to get to Day +100.  That seems a bit discouraging so I'll just look at this week.

Abby's having a rough this afternoon.  Threw up and that really hurt all of her sores in her gut. She is on the PCN (Pain pump) so we were helping her be ok with pressing the button when things hurt. She can be such a trooper that sometimes she just grunts through it, but she won't be grunting through this. But that is her personality. She just does what has to be done. The day after her bone marrow test in Japan, she biked to school.  I have a video of her biking up this little hill over the 6-lane and only 16 hours earlier she was under getting the bone marrow test.  When she was in 6th grade she did cross country. After her first meet, we took her to the doctor and they said she had a sinus infection and ear ache. She had run her race the day before. She is tougher and more tenacious than I ever could wish to be. Not because she likes to be, but because that's just her life.

So, these next few weeks will be another example of this tenacity. No one wants her to have to hunker down but she will. And, with the help of the pain pump, hopefully she will make it through a bit more comfortably. Either way, it's gonna be a rough go.

Still more effects of chemo and radiation to come.  We'll probably see the chemo effect next weekend through the middle of next week.

But, the glimmer of hope in this painful time is that she has Anna's cells now.  The rescue is underway. As Abby's cells continue to die off, Annas will get stronger and then finally the transfer (the coup d'√©·tat really) will be complete.

Anna's home. She was a rock star!  She's sore but in bed. Tiffany and I will be hitting the pillow soon too, it was a tiring night in the hospital for both of us. Vicky is taking care of Abby tonight and they are staying on top of the pain and nausea.

Thanks for all of the comments and prayers. Abby and Anna both loved to hear from all of you all over this globe!  Thanks again for everything!


Peyton Avia said...

Praying for you Abby and Anna :-)
We love you:) You are amazing!
-The Kaisers

Tiffany said...

So are you Peyton! Thanks for all the support and prayers.

David C. said...

This update is hitting me particularly hard today. We are all tearfully reading these updates and asking God to demonstrate His great grace to all of you. Sometimes we are just groaning without knowing the "right" words to pray. I was listening to this song ( in the background as I was reading and the chorus is connecting with our prayers for you all. "God, let your grace find Abby, Mark and Tiffany, Anna, and Lily right now. In the powerful name of Jesus..."