Monday, January 24, 2005

Back from Denver, all is well

We're back from Denver now, and all is well. Her fever is gone, and she check out all good. Maybe she just has a little cold because of her counts being so low. While we were down there, since we had an appointment for Tuesday anyway, they went ahead and did the next chemo treatment. This will be the last one of her induction treatment. After next weeks bone marrow test, she will have a week off for her body to recover and get her counts back up before she starts her consolidation phase of the treatment, 2 months I think. She'll be off the Predinsone for a bit which will hopefully make her less moody and whiney. That will be a big releif to us, let me tell you.

Her counts are 1300 total White cells, 400 ANC, and the rest of it looks good too. She still is at risk of a fever/infection but not as low as she has been, that is a good sign that her bone marrow is starting work good again.

Well, I'm off to rest. Just wanted to let everyon know that things are A-OK.


Anonymous said...

This sounds good, Mark...thanks for the updates. There are so many people lifting up Abby and your entire family in prayer. Stay strong, Mark & Tiffany.....I just wish there was more we could do to take some of the pressure off of you two. I love you guys!

Mark Schreiber said...

Thanks for making me laugh Rich :) Don't worry about the delete button, Ed V. made his own blog in the process of posting a comment on here so your in good company! Actually, do you know Ed's blog name? Does he? :) And thank you for the prayers too, we know we are loved in San Diego!