Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Way Cool Way YOU can Help!

A Way Cool Way YOU can Help!

Hey, everyone is always asking if they can help and other than cleaning our house weekly, watching our kids so we can go out for a date, or lavishing us with lots of love and prayers I haven't had may good ideas. But now that I'm a bit more past the shock of the diagnosis and have been poking around online, I've found a big winner of an idea in my book!

There is a great organization called "Team In Training" that does sponsored races to help children with Leukemia. Way cool idea really, and the best part is there is an info meeting tommorrow night in Fort Collins! I might even go if I can get away for an hour. I think it would be really cool if any runners, bikers or triathatetes out there would want to race and at the same time help out kids like Abby. You can even run with a picture of Abby or another child with Leukemia who you are helping on your bib! Way cool, like I said.

So check it out! Abby is running a big long race, with lots of hills, and climbs. Wouldn't it be cool to run with a purpose? When you feel like you can't go on any more, or you can't finish the race, you can get inpiration from what you are running, biking, or walking for! You'll be able to identify with these kids a bit more and help them at the same time! I'd encourage EVERYONE to take a look at this site even if you are not an athlete of any type, it is very motivational!

Maybe I'll see some of you at runners roost tommorrow, I mean Tuesday Night!

Home page of Team in Training

Fort collins meeting Jan 25th Tuesday!

Here is an awesome video!

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