Sunday, January 09, 2005

A great day

Philipians 1:6 Being confident in this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

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Short post today. It seems like it should be because it is Sunday. Anyway, Abby did really good yesterday, thank you for your prayers. We played in the snow where she made a snow angel on the picnic table and wiped all the snow off of the benches. We also had a tea party while Tiffany, Vicky, and Anna went out to do some shopping. It was nice for me to have a little 'date day' with my girl.

She still is way into 'Bunny Mac & Cheese', ya these little pastas do look like bunnies, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a curse. To open the box, you push the tail in and then rip open the box... kinda cute, yet kinda violent for a kids food product. I get tense trying to open it with out ripping Mr. bunny's little fluffy tail off. Still she likes it so I like it and she loves to help make it so I'll continue to support the bunny mac and cheese company. If we run out it may be a crisis situation though. I think in a pinch I could boil up some spegetti and tie it into bunny shapes... It might fool her, you never know.

Tommorrow is the Day 8 appointment where they put her under general anestisia, do the bone marrow samples, spinal tap sample and chemo treatment, and then wake her up for more. After she is done at the hospital, out patient, we will take her over to the clinic for fun filled afternoon of chemo treatment. This part takes at least 2 hours for the drugs to be given. I bet she will like this part because she will get to go in the kitchen.

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Mark Schreiber said...

All of her treatments will be in Denver for now. At least for this month and until we get more used to the procedures. She will be going weekly for a while but most of the appointments will be really quick compared with tommorrows.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.