Friday, January 14, 2005

Meanwhile, Back at the Hospital :(

Yup, back here at good ole Pres./St. Lukes. What time is it anyway? Yikes! I'll make it short...

I had this whole post ready to post up in the morning. It was going to tell you all about Abby's follow up appointment at CHOA, how many peanut butter crackers she ate, and stuff like that. I also had mentioned that Abby's blood count was continuing to drop, 2600 for her total white count, and that her ANC (which is the immunity, infection fighting part of the blood) was down to 200 (extremely low). Any thing under 500 and we can't take her out in crowded places becuase of her immunity and suseptability to things. I also had mentioned the fact that Anna was still not eating very well from her stomach bug, and that Tiff's mom had caught the bug from probably Anna and had couldn't vistit again until 3 days after her last symptoms because of Abby's low ANC count.

Well, instead of all that I get to tell you that at about 10pm Abby started to throw up. At 10:30 again, and we called the doc. They told us this was not a good thing for her to be doing with her counts low especially if she gets lower GI stuff going on. At 11ish after throwing up a couple more times, and starting to have to poop more, we called the doc again and she told us to drive on down to Denver. 11:30ish, we allowed Vicky back in the house from her quarentine, to watch Anna and sleep at our place and we loaded all of our pre packed bags plus our puking daughter into the van and hauled down to Denver.

They took blood, urine, plugged into her Broviac (Central Veinious Cathoder) port and are now pumping some fluid back into her to keep her hydrated. They will also put her on antibiotics encase this is part of an infection that we don't know about. I think she has stopped throwing up for now. Anyway, I'm off to bed.

If anyone at Frontier reads this before 7:45am could you cover my class... I'm in Denver.

Everything looks like it will be fine here. But better safe than a big blood infection.


Anonymous said...

My little 6 year old Allie prays for Abby before bed and at any meal that she is asked to pray for, Abby's name is the first thing out of her mouth. She is so faithful! You are right, we can learn so much from our little ones.
You are all in our prayers daily. I feel your pain and relate to everything that you write. Thanks for letting us all in on your journey regardless of what you may feel at times. We feel so much a part of your lives, so I hope that God can help you feel our hugs from CA to your little family.
Tricia Murphy

Anonymous said...

Mark and Tiffany,

Thank you so much for taking us on this faith building journey with you. I appreciate you honesty and openness about how you are feeling. As I read your postings about Abby my eyes just well up with tears. I know God is more than able to do great and mighty things through this cancer. Our greatest times of growth are usually through very difficult situations, when we can't control things and must rely on the Lord. It is evident to anyone reading your updates that you both are leaning on the Lord and allowing His strength to carry you through!
My kids (Mark's students) are growing through this too. What a ripple effect your faith has already! We are all praying for your family and that you feel God's presence with you.
Sue Morrison