Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Word from Tiffany

Well, here's my first blog entry. I didn't even know what a blog was before Christmas and now I know what they are, why they are called "blogs", and my daughter has cancer. A lot can happen over Christmas break. I am totally blown away be everyone's love and support. You are all a part of our healing journey and I thank God for you. I was sitting in my living room today looking out the window at the snow and thinking about this blog and how encouraging it is for me. I can read encouraging words, funny words, words to keep me going at any time (if my computer is actually working that is!) from all of you and feel God's hand comforting me through you all. So many people are asking me how I am doing. I am somewhere between sadness and hope. I so often look at Abby and feel my throat closing up with the thought of losing her, or just having to watch her go through so much. Then so often I also look at her, or outside at the sky, or I read encouraging words on a card from a friend, or a bible verse gets me, and I feel really alive and like I've caught a glimpse of God's big story and the part I play in it, the part Abby plays in it. So we are doing this cancer thing, one day at a time. You all can pray for me as Abby's mom. I need God's strength to not fall apart when she is suffering. I need perspective to see things as God sees them. I need patience with Abby when she is grumpy. Thanks for you prayers, they are truly felt and appreciated more than any of you will ever know. Here's to Abby's healing!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tiff,
You and Mark (and the rest of your family, for that matter) are my heros! I've seen your faith in action, but this really tops it! What witnesses you all are.
What I'm really learning from you and your mom right now, is about relationships and how to be moms and daughters in God's plan. I've watched you and your mom for years now, and most recently I'm watching you and Abby (& Anna, too, of course!) Mostly with Abby, though. I can only imagine that the day to day stuff is not easy, Tiff. We are all in prayer for Abby's success against this cancer, but I also wanted you to know that you, too, are also being prayed for. I'm praying for your adjustment to all of this, for peace for you, and for your ongoing faith in God and to feel his presense in all of this. I know these prayers are being answered, because I see it in you! Stay strong, dear Tiffany, and keep leaning into Jesus.
Love you lots,

Robin Dugall said...

you just discovered what a blog and being a follower of Jesus is all about...pouring out your heart and life to the Lord in the context of community. For days I've been wondering how you are really doing...thanks for giving me an opportunity to see into your soul...I love you! God is watching...looking...moving...doing what only God can do.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tiffany:

I was so glad to hear from your heart as I checked out Abby's blog this morning. I just love you so much and think about you constantly. I admire your honesty in sharing about how you have been living with this new reality. Thanks for that! Abby loves you so much and I can see so much of you in her. She is a child of God who has an inner joy that can only explained by the fact that she knows she is loved by you and Mark. She will without a doubt in my mind be cured from this cancer and grow up to share her story of faith and love with many!!! What a testament to the power of God's love on earth through relationships. Stay strong in that love Tiff! I love you very much. As always praying for you specifically. You're an awesome MOM!


Anonymous said...

Tiff and Mark,
This is Karen - your cousin! I've been anxious to talk to all of you to see how Abby is doing, but have had bad viruses going around our house. Reading your updates is really inspiring. You are both so courageous through all of this. Please know that the Dugall side of the family is praying for all of you and that are thoughts are with you. Please give Abby a big hug and kiss from all of us. We know that God is there with you!