Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Homeward bound in the snow

9:23am Tuesday, Jan 4, 2005

I sure wish I could update this blog in real-time while I'm sitting by her bed instead of just writing and uploading later but that is how it is.

<>Anyway, we are going home today! Back to restart our new format of life. Things have changed. Last time that I left the house, as far as I knew, my child just needed some more testing. In reality though, it was Leukemia and now I will walk back through that door into the same familiar physical house, but also a house that will be oh so new. New procedures to keep it clean, new ways that I play with my daughter, new types of hugs; those types that you give that make you never want to let go. New priorities, new emotions, new hats, and a dominating new medicine cabinet packed to the gill with medicine and syringes, cleaners and gauze; more chemicals than any reasonable person would want in their house. With all of this newness, will come tears, stresses and lots of comfort and peace from God. <>

Well, here are the stats and praise the Lord for going home! <>
Before we go Abby will be getting another transfusion of platelets to bring her blood count back up to a more normal level. This will help her from bruising, and keep her blood clotting in a healthy way. They also will start her on a new antibiotic which we will be giving her through her IV at home for a week since she had the Flu and all of those infections, just a safety precaution.
Well, Abby's a bit grumpy so, till later.

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