Sunday, January 02, 2005

The hospital stuff

The hospital stuff

<>I’d love to write all that happened so far at the hospital but the information would be overwhelming so let me just list off the basics.

<>Abby is doing good. Her fever is gone most of the time, and the cough is sounding productive. I’m almost over the Flu too and Tiffany maybe is a day behind us in her recovery.

The first night we met with the doctor, Dr. Smith, a very nice and kind man. He told us the scoop. She has some sort of Leukemia, to find out what specific type it is they needed to take some bone marrow. During this same surgery they would be doing a spinal tap to check the fluid for cancer and give her a dose of therapy medicine, chemo, in her back. While she was out they would also install a port in one of the veins in her chest so that they could administer drugs and take blood through it instead of an IV. She will have this semi-perm IV type port called a Broviac in for the entire course of the treatment.

She is doing good from all of this, we are about as tired as her. One more blood transfusion today and her counts look really good. Tomorrow she will start Chemo therapy and we will probably be taking her home on Tuesday.

Peace out.

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