Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mark's intro

4:30 am Jan 2nd

I can’t sleep so I figure that this as good a time as any to blog. I’m going to post these thoughts in chronological order for simplicity sake until we get up-to-date.

<>As most of you know Abigail was diagnosed with Leukemia this week and also had Infulenza B, an ear infection, and some pneumonia. She is in the hospital here in Denver at a pediatric oncology floor at Presbyterian St. Luke’s. Look at the Hospital Info post for the details. <>

Most everything is under control at this point except for the cancer which they have to wait to treat until she recovers a bit more from the flu. Leukemia is a blood cancer, if you didn’t know like me, and to treat it they need to kill all of the white blood cells in her body. The reason we have to wait to treat the leukemia is because the white blood cells are a big part of the bodies immunity and she needs that right now to fight off the flu.

So many things to say, I’ll try to break this in to numerous posts for easier reading but let me just start here in the beginning chronologically taking you through the events leading up to the diagnosis, the stats of her particular type of Leukemia, and her prognosis.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank your mom, Pam for forwarding details on Abby to us. We will keep Abby, as well as all of you, in our daily prayers. God will watch over her.

Your cousin, Sheila

EdVillanueva said...

Mark, it has been an education to become an beginner bloger and here is the result of my attempts,, . Now I don't know what to do with this blog, but I can add comments to Abby's pages.
God bless you and Tiffany. We love you all.